ride safer with safe rides

so i write earlier today about a somewhat-close call on the road, and then i come across an email in my inbox announcing the debut of safe rides, a user-populated website and online forum (courtesy of bikeclicks.com) where riders can post incident reports and log the location of those incidents on an interactive map. the site, which includes a discussion forum as well, addresses the simple question posed by steven webster (web guy, bikeclicks.com): “how nice would it be to know where the ‘hot spots’ were located around town?”

and have easy electronic access to a compendium of them. safe rides provides a place for cyclists to offer and find advice (rooted in experience) about actual accidents, near misses, dangerous intersections, frisky dogs, hostile motorists, and more. with this tool riders can get a sense of where to go, where not to go, and what areas need to be brought to the attention of municipal authorities. so far it’s largely populated by louisville cyclists, but i imagine with this announcement cincinnati’s riders will be stretching that map northeast a bit.


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