i’m glad i didn’t know

got up this morning, checked the weather report:

excellent — sunny and a high near 30. gonna be a nice ride home.

current temp: 1.7

gulp. well, at least there’s no wind. and the temperature will be going up from here, right? by the time i leave for work in 30 minutes, it could be, what, almost 5, maybe even on the way to 10?

bundle up, ride.

brrrrr. i can’t feel my fingers. good thing this is only a twenty minute ride. hey, let’s see if we can make it nineteen… or eighteen… or even fifteen … oof, lungs burning from cold … must. slow. down…. okay, made it — gotta let spouse know:

from: cincycling
 subject: made it …
sent: 05 feb ’09 7:34
 … just fine. well, my fingertips were complaining, but they didn’t  turn any funky colors and i have feeling back already.

[a few minutes pass…]

from: cincycling spouse
sent: thursday, february 05, 2009 7:46 am
to: cincycling
subject: re: made it
… wow. good. it’s dropped, according to npr, to five below. 


um, can i still get a ride to work?



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2 responses to “i’m glad i didn’t know

  1. any chance you were the dude on Riverside this morning at around 8:20 or so?


    Toasty warm guy in blue 4 Runner with bike rack.

  2. nope — 7:20 on madison rd, that woulda been me, wishin’ i was toasty warm in a 4runner.

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